Tuesday, October 11, 2011


            I have to admit, this was the first anime film I have ever watched. When I was younger I would watch an episode every now and then of Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z, but I’ve never seen a full movie.  I have never been into this style of art or even this culture stylistically, but this was a good way of forcing it on me.
            Ponyo is the story of a magical “goldfish” that wishes to become human after meeting and falling in love with a young boy. Her magical father and mother who is a goddess of the sea look for her by sending the waves of a giant storm to where she is. The scene where Ponyo is running on top of the waves is my favorite scene from the film. The waves grow up to massive sizes and are actually shaped like fish, all jumping on top one another and crashing down and breaking into water. The large purple fish-waves crash and flood the town but Ponyo is running on top of the waves chasing the boy she is in love with.  I really liked how the massive fish represented the power and force of the waves as well as showing how alive the storm was.
            It was also the first Japanese film I have ever seen. I was able to follow the story just fine because of the subtitles and think that if I watched the American version I may have turned it off because I would have thought it was absurd. But many many anime films come from Japan, this is their culture and style of art so I accepted what it was and watched it the way it was originally intended to be watched. Honestly I am not too much of a fan of this style of art but overall I enjoyed this film. 

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