Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This is a story of a dark twisted man obsessed with girls of a certain, young age. When Humbert is a boy he falls in love with a girl his age, but she dies and he is heart broken. For the rest of his life he can’t move on from the death of his love when he was just a boy.
Now he is a grown man and is fascinated, better yet, obsessed with little girls. He takes things to a new level when he marries Charlotte Haze, a woman his age just so he can be closer to the woman, rather girl, he loves, Dolores “Lolita” Haze, Charlotte’s young daughter. She is his obsession and he is fully in love with her and wants nothing more than for her to be in love with him too. Charlotte finds out his plot of trying to be with her daughter but is tragically killed, so now Humbert really has a chance to be with Lolita. He is in love with her and takes her across the country and tries to make her fall for him.
This book is in no way a love story to me. Typically love stories are about two people who are in love and tells of their struggles to be together, but in the end they usually end up together very happy. This book has none of those romantic or tear jerking qualities. It’s about an old man who is obsessed and in love with a twelve-year old girl; he can clearly be labeled as a pedophile. Just because he is in love and goes through struggles to be with her doesn’t make it a love story. The love has to go both ways, but Humbert tries to force Lolita to love him and she does not, she even runs away when she gets the chance. Humbert was truly in love with Lolita and no one else, but Lolita’s mother, Charlotte, was in love with Humbert until she found out his secret. After her death Humbert takes Lolita across the country on an on-going road trip to try to make her fall for him, he takes advantage of her a few times but still she feels nothing for him. Eventually Lolita finds love, but with someone else, she runs off with a boy she met who wrote a play she was acting in, they leave town together and Humbert is without his love because she has found hers.  But even then it is not true love, the man throws out Lolita because she will not act in a pornographic film he is shooting. So now both characters are without their loved ones, but even if they were together Lolita would still be without her love. Eventually she finds love and actually marries the man. She gets pregnant and reaches out to Humbert asking for money, it has been years since he has heard from her. He thinks he can be back with his love now but she is in love with someone else. Humbert is jealous and wants her back, even though she was never really his because she doesn’t love him. He kills her husband and thinks now he can have Lolita again, but is arrested just after the murder is committed. Now they are both alone again, Humbert still without his love Lolita, and Lolita without the love of her husband. They both die alone, without anyone to love or receive love from.
There is a lot of love in this book, but none it connects with one another. Everybody loves someone who doesn’t love him or her back, except for Lolita and her husband, but he is a minor character. Nobody ends up happy in the end, mainly because everybody has died. They all wanted love, Humbert even killed for it, but in the end Lolita and Humbert died alone. Humbert chased love but he never received any from the girl he truly loved. 

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