Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This film is pretty set in stone as to when and where it took place. There was an exact event, which they went to in a specific city where the events unfolded. I tried thinking of a new time, or place where this film could be shot but it’s hard to change that without changing the screenplay too much. Although I have never seen the film I have seen the poster and several screenshots so I have an idea of the characters, but still don’t know the soundtrack or style of shooting. After reading the screenplay and imagining the characters in my head, the film is seems pretty close to how I imagined them. Two guys in Hawaiian shirts with cigarettes hanging from their lips at all times and looking dirty and tired from the previous nights shenanigans. I imagine there would be a lot of bright colors, not just because it’s Vegas but also because the characters are constantly on drugs so adding a lot of color to every shot would further engage the audience and give them an effect of being on drugs like the characters. The cinematography could be almost loose in a way. Using a lot of handheld shots while the characters are high but combined with a modern style of shooting involving mounting the camera to the car and on rigs that could twist and turn it to give a new look and enhance the drugs in the film.
            I really enjoyed reading the screenplay; I would actually like to read more then watch the movie. It is more interesting ti read the screenplay rather than the book because if you read the book then watch the film you just point out what was different. But the screenplay is the script so you can focus on setting the scenes in your head then seeing how they are different on the big screen. 

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