Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Hunger Games

            This book was definitely meant for a younger audience, even though the book is about killing. For what it was, it could have been written in a very dark manner, but even though it was about death and murder it was still written light enough for young teens to read. It was interesting enough to read the whole book and continue on from chapter to chapter, but I wasn’t glued to it, straining my eyes reading the print begging to find out what was going to happen next. This was the first book of the trilogy so it spent a long time introducing the characters and explaining their back-story. It was really good for character development but because I just read the first book of the series I thought too much time was spent on her at home then in training, it could just be that I am impatient but I wanted to get to the actual Hunger Games portion and read about players strategies and how they went after one another. I think if I read the other two books in the trilogy then I would appreciate this book more, but because it left on a cliffhanger and spent so long to get to the action I can only say I enjoyed reading the book but nothing more. I have recommended it to others but with some hesitation. It seems like it is written for early teens, leaving middle school and going into high school; that seems like the target audience. It was a good read and I am glad I read it because with the movie coming out next year I am going to hear so much about it and now I can finally be in the loop about what is going on with teen books and movies. 

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