Monday, August 29, 2011

Hunger Games

Main characters are from district 12
Win in pairs if form the same district
Same outfits going into the arena
dual "suicide"
mockingjay bird; two species mated together
Rue and Prim both kinda sisters to Katniss
pair of star-crossed lovers

Government vs. the people
-Gov. wanted to show control over people and get views
- People hate it but are very entertained by it

Government instilling fear by making Hunger Games more attractive to viewers
Katniss from falling in and out of "love" with Peeta
Cato's body armor protected him from arrows but prevented him from dying from the wolves.
Target audience being the same age as kids who enter the Games.

Battle Royale
Lord of the Flies - Kids in survival situation
1984 - Gov. in total control
Anthem -
Mad Max
Brave New World
Big Brother - always being watched

Expected Katniss to win
break out of the Hunger Games
some sort of rebellion against The Games
Katniss and Peeta to be together because they both loved each other
sponsors to send a lot more items, more people from districts sending help
Katniss to be a hero

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